Nitrous Outlet Adjustable Bottle Pressure Switch (750-1200 psi) 00-60002

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Adjustable Bottle Pressure Switch (750-1200 psi)

  • Automatically maintain bottle pressure
  • Adujustable 750-1200 PSI
  • Works with all brand heaters
  • Precise accuracy


    Automatic. This pressure switch monitors your nitrous bottle's pressure and can automatically activate your systems bottle heater to keep it at your set pressure.

    Adjustable You can easily adjust the pressure at which the switch will activate your bottle heater by turning a screw at the bottom of the switch.

    Precise. With this switch you can count on your bottle pressure being held at your inputted pressure, no more standing around while you monitor your bottle to make sure you are at optimum bottle pressure.

    Application. This switch will work with any brand nitrous bottle heater and nitrous system.