Nitrous Outlet Black NHRA Blow Off Valve Fitting and Pressure Disk 00-35001

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Black NHRA Blow Off Valve Fitting and Pressure Disk 00-35001
  • NHRA Compliant
  • 3000 PSI Burst Disc Included
  • Compatible With Most Blow Down Tubes
  • Fits Billet and X-Series Valves
  • Description

    Anodized Finish:
    This NHRA certified blow off valve with pressure release disk has a anodized black finish and laser etched logo to match the new Nitrous Outlet billet bottle valve, but also fits our X-Series bottle valve.

    Improved Safety:
    This blow off valve provides a layer of protection against rising bottle pressure. If the nitrous bottle pressure reaches 3000 PSI the relief disk will burst allowing the nitrous to exit the bottle reducing pressure.

    Meet NHRA Regulations:
    NHRA regulations require nitrous bottles to be outfitted with a pressure relief valve that releases bottle pressure when it becomes to high. This relief valve and rupture disk meet the requirements of the NHRA and is required to pass tech inspection at most tracks.

    This valve is easily installed on an accessory port of a nitrous bottle valve and includes a rupture disk that opens at 3000 PSI. A blow down tube can be added to the valve using the 8AN external threads on the exposed end.