Callies Apex - LS/LT 4.00 inch 8ccw crankshaft #APO-31V-AS

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Callies Apex - LS/LT 4.00 inch 8ccw crankshaft  #APO-31V-AS 

4.000 2.559 2.100 6.125 APO-31V-AS

  • Apex - LS/LT

  • We understand that not everyone has the need or budget for a Magnum or billet crankshaft, but still may want a product with more to offer than our Compstar line. This middle-ground has needed an option for several years, so Callies went to work for a solution. This has culminated in the creation of the Apex Series of crankshaft by Callies. Apex crankshafts are made on the same forgings that we use to make our Magnum Series, but are machined by the supplier that makes the Compstar line. Like Compstar, all Apex crankshafts are finish sized and fully inspected in-house. This results in the best bang-for-your-buck crankshaft on the market.

    • Made on Callies proprietary Magnum forging.
    • Ultra-pure, premium 4340 material
    • Machined by our vetted and reliable Compstar supplier
    • Nitrided for optimal hardness and wear resistance
    • Every crankshaft is finished and inspected in-house at Callies
    • Limited stroke and pin size combinations