Circle D HP series 278mm 6L80 LS Torque Converter; 3000 - 3200 rpm - w/Billet Cover #CDS-07N-09-07-2A

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Circle D HP series 278mm 6L80 LS Torque Converter; 3000 - 3200 rpm - w/Billet Cover



Enhance Your Performance with Circle D Torque Converter

Designed for optimal performance in a variety of applications, the Circle D Torque Converter is a popular choice among enthusiasts of 2010-2015 5th gen Camaro SS, Pontiac G8's, LS truck applications, LS swaps, restomods, and more! Whether you're hitting the streets or the track, this torque converter is engineered to deliver reliable performance every time.

278MM Model with Billet Cover

Key Features:

  • Billet Cover: Ensures durability and reliability under extreme conditions.
  • Converter Diameter: 278mm
  • Stall Speed: 3000-3200 RPM
  • Hand TIG Welded: Precision welding for maximum strength and integrity.
  • Woven Carbon Lockup Clutch Lining: Provides enhanced performance during lockup.
  • Heavy Duty Torrington Bearings: Designed to withstand high loads and ensure smooth operation.
  • Exclusive CDS Bearing Retainer: Enhances durability and longevity.
  • Anti-Balloon Plate: Minimizes ballooning for improved performance.
  • Bearing Retainer: Ensures secure fitment and reliability.

Versatile Performance: Rated up to 750hp by Circle D, this torque converter is the perfect choice for daily driven performance vehicles. Its versatile design and exceptional build quality make it suitable for a wide range of applications, offering reliable performance in various driving conditions.

Upgrade your vehicle's performance with the Circle D Torque Converter, the ultimate choice for enthusiasts seeking reliable power and performance in their daily drivers and high-performance vehicles.