CJRC In Car Hex Dzus Tool (v2) Tool & Clamp Combo

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CJRC In Car Hex Dzus Tool (v2) Tool & Clamp Combo

This Dzus tool was designed and machined in house here at CJRC. We listened to your feed back about our v1 dzus tool and implemented a few improvements.

First we lengthened the handle giving you a better grip on the tool

We eliminated the flat blade on the end of the handle and hollowed the handle to save weight because this tool was designed to ride along!

We designed a 1-5/8" tube clamp to secure the tool inside the car on the main hoop, door bar, or any 1-5/8" tube you feel the need to clamp it to.

The tool is held in the clamp with an o-ring which makes removing or inserting in to the clamp a one handed operation while also providing a secure retention preventing the tool from being inadvertently removed during the pass due to tire shake or a crash.