DART LS 8 CCW CRANKSHAFT 9-34640006125-8

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Dart Ls  8 Counterweight Billet 4.000" Stroke x 2.100" Rod Journals x 6.125 Rod Length


  • 8 Counterweight Design
  • Short LS1 Type Snout Length
  • Heavy Duty Rod Cheeks
  • Lightening Holes In The Rod Pins
  • Rough Balanced to 1780 grams
  • No Mallory Required
  • Extra Strong 4340 Billet Material

Part Number: 9-34640006125-8
Type: Stroker Crank
Series: Dart Fully Counterweighted
Crankshaft Material:4340 Billet
Crank Snout type: LS1
Crank Reluctor Wheel: Sold Separately
Stroke: 4.000"
Main journal Diameter: 2.559"
Rod Journal Diameter: 2.100"
Minimum Rod length: 6.125"
Bolt Pattern: 6-Bolt

Designed for the Dart LS Next Blocks, Other brand blocks may need to be clearanced.

*Reluctor ring sold separately. 24x LS Crankshaft Reluctor Wheel For 1997-2005 Engines or 58x LS Crankshaft Reluctor Wheel For 2006 & Up Engines.