Flo Supply AN Double Head Wrench Set SKU: 60-58361-SET

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Flo Supply

AN Double Head Wrench Set

 SKU: 60-58361-SET

This Set Includes:

  • 3AN & 4AN Double Head Wrench
  • 4AN & 6AN Double Head Wrench
  • 6AN & 8AN Double Head Wrench
  • 8AN & 10AN Double Head Wrench
  • 10AN & 12AN Double Head Wrench
  • 12AN & 16AN Double Head Wrench
  • 16AN & 20AN Double Head Wrench

Product Details:

  • Machined From Billet Aluminum
  • Anodized Matte Black
  • Engraved for Quick Referencing
  • Fits Hose End Socket and B-Nut

Product Description:

Flo Supply Billet AN Wrenches are designed to prevent marring up AN fittings and hose ends. These wrenches are made from billet aluminum, anodized matte black and engraved for quick referencing.

Note: Designed to fit B-nuts and sockets on hose end assemblies. Will not fit 3AN B-nuts utilized on 3/16" hardline connections.

Double-ended AN wrenches are specialized tools designed for use in aviation and automotive applications, particularly with AN (Army-Navy) fittings. These wrenches feature two different ends, each tailored for specific components. 

One end, known as the "B" side, is used on B-nuts. B-nuts are the fittings on the tubing or hoses that secure the connections. The "B" side of the wrench is precisely sized to fit these nuts, ensuring a secure and tight connection without damaging the fittings.

The other end, referred to as the "S" side, is used on hose end sockets. Hose end sockets are the parts of the hose assembly where the hose connects to the fittings. The "S" side of the wrench is designed to fit these sockets perfectly, allowing for easy tightening or loosening without causing any damage to the hose ends.

Using the correct side of the double-ended AN wrench for each component ensures proper installation and maintenance of AN fittings, preventing leaks and ensuring the longevity of the connections.