Fueltech PRO600 GEN III V8 Complete Harness 3026100076

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Fueltech PRO600 GEN III V8 Complete Harness 

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Part No 3026100076

The FuelTech PRO600 V8 plug and play harness is the best link between your FT600 ECU and V8 engine. It comes pre-terminated to suit a V8 engine with all relays and fuses for a simple 3 wire battery hook up and ignition power. It has a 37 pin firewall connector to make installation an easy task and with the modular construction, adding a second set of injectors or individual coils is as easy as connecting add-on harnesses utilising the built in output connectors. Each connector has its own label and the connectors and harness insulation is heat, moisture and oil resistant.

  • Now Featuring:
    ✅ 2 Powered FT CAN connectors interior and exterior.
      ✅ Dual EGT-4 CAN ready for easy installation.