Lowdoller Motorsport 1/2" X 3" Travel Sensor PN: STS12300

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1/2" X 3" Travel Sensor PN: STS12300


3" linear travel sensor.

Great for shift linkage position, rack and pinion steering position, and ultra short stroke front suspension. 
  • Smallest shock travel sensor on the market.
  • Perfect for front suspensions with limited space. 
  • 1/2" Diameter.
  • 3" Stroke.
  • Overall length at full compression 8" Long.
  • Overall length at full extension 11" Long. 
  • Works on stock suspension to Promod.
  • Sensor outputs 0-5V analog signal.
  • Compatible with all major dataloggers. I.e, Racepack, Holley EFI, FuelTech.