Lowdoller Motorsports Dual-Axis Accelerometer (G-meter) PN: ACC2-5XY

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Dual-Axis Accelerometer (G-meter)




PI 2-Axis G-meter: complete with necessary wiring and hardware.

  • Design Features

    • 5V Sensor Supply Voltage (NOT 12V Compatable)
    • 0-5V Analog outputs (Longitudinal and Lateral G)
    • High Precision Sensing
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Simple Mounting (Housing molded inserts)
    • Compact electrical connection (terminals included)
    • Common nominal sample frequency of 200Hz Bandwidth


The PI Dual-Axis (XY) 5G Accelerometer is designed specifically for motorsports. This unit features +/- 5g high sensativity in the X-axis and Y-axis directions. The X-axis data from the device is essential for making Acceleration and Deceleration power management decisions. The Y-axis data is essential for cornering and driving related tuning. Acceptable for vehicles of ALL power levels!