LSA Supercharger Vacuum/Boost Reference Port Adapter to 1/8" NPT 18-10021

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Adapt the factory MAP and other pressure locations on your LSA supercharger to 1/8" NPT for ultimate versatility for Boost Reference, MAP sensors, remote mounting sensors, FPR reference, etc.  It is difficult to plug and then limits your Vacuum reference ports as well.  WE have created this plug/adaptor which comes with an 1/8" NPT port for screwing in map sensors, push to connect fittings or plugs.  

These ports have an 1/8" NPT female ports for hooking up push to connect, AN to NPT ports and more!  You can also screw an NPT style MAP sensor directly into.  

This listing is for quantity one.


(1)M6x25 Allen head Bolt

(1) Billet Adapter

(1) O-Ring

(1) 1/8" NPT plug