Modern Racing Signature Series MPI Steering Wheel Package

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Modern Racing Signature Series MPI Steering Wheel Package


So you're looking for a new wheel, but don't know where to start. Maybe you're tired of the multi-cord mess that's just as ugly as it is unsafe? The Modern Racing Wiring Solutions team has taken the hassle out of wiring your race steering wheel and has made it as easy as crimping a few wires. Built with the safety of racers in mind, you get both form and function in this clean and lightweight package. Did we mention our signature series package comes with Modern Racing swag? Check the parts list below to see all the goodies that come assembled and ready to install. If you're looking for something different or have your own wheel you're wanting wired be sure to check out our CUSTOM STEERING WHEEL BUILDER!

 *Please note 10" wheels are not predrilled and are built-to-order. Please see photos for comparing sizes.*



-MPI 4-Spoke Drag Racing Steering wheel. 10" D-shape, 12" round, or 13" round.

-Biondo "Double O" Adjustable Trans Brake Button

- 3x Mil-Spec Momentary Buttons.  (Blue, Green, Red)

-Black Deutsch Connector Kit (Mating Pair)

-Modern Racing Steering Wheel Harness Mounting Plate Kit

-Curly Coil Cord

-3' Flying Lead

-Black DR-25 Heat Shrink

-Thermofit Heat Shrink Boots (Curly Cord and Deutsch Connector)

-Hot-Pot Epoxy For Shock And Weather-Resistant Seal (Buttons)

-Wheel Pin-Out And Assembly

-MR Logo Center Cap (Not needed on 10")

-Mounting Hardware (Not needed on 10")

-Modern Racing T-Shirt (LARGE, UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED IN NOTE SECTION AT CHECKOUT. Size Request Limited To Availability)

-Modern Racing Keychain



-Modern Racing Deutsch DT Billet Steering Column Mount (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

-Quick-Release Wheel Mount And Hub