Motec 5 Button Rotary Controller Keypad 41402

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The MoTeC 5-Button Rotary CAN keypad is a fully customized keypad designed specifically for your vehicle. Each button features a custom graphic or symbol, which represents the function it controls. It will enhance the application and integration of MoTeC's PDM into any vehicle. The keypad includes a new CAN based rotary switch. The keypad is backlit with adjustable brightness to work equally as well at night as during the day.
  • Small, lightweight & compact package
  • Rugged design for use in extreme environments
  • Backlit customize graphical symbols available
  • Real time feedback via LED indicators above each button
  • Simplify wiring, only four wires required for multiple buttons
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity protection


5 buttons and 1 dial
1 x Menu button
1 x Back button
3 x User defined buttons
1 x dial
(includes 1 set of labels)