Motion Extreme Street Fuel System Featuring Aeromotive 5 GPM Brushless Pump (11196) ESFK-28-2

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Motion Extreme Street Fuel System Featuring Aeromotive 5 GPM Brushless Pump (11196)


Motion Extreme Street Fuel System Featuring Aeromotive Variable Speed 5 GPM Brushless Pump (11196)

Our Street Race Fuel system has been a huge success and helped many people properly setup and maximize their fuel system.  However, with the huge demands for E85 and the fuel required to make power with ethanol we found a need to develop a comparable setup for the next level!

The Extreme Street Fuel System is made to give you everything you need to fuel your Ethanol powered Boosted Vehicle.  Utilizing the Aeromotive 5gpm Variable Speed Brushless fuel pump we are able to make 1500+RWHP on E85 with forced induction on a STREETABLE application.  This means no more multi pump plumbing and reliability nightmares.

We always suggest a single fuel pump combination to fuel an engine to avoid pumps dying without knowing and causing lean fueling issues unbeknownst to the driver as commonly seen with 2, 3, and 4 pump setups.
This kit can be configured for fuel cells with dual 8AN outlets on the sump or a single 12AN.  Fitting and hose layout has been optimized so that you can squeeze the most performance and reliability out of the combination.

This kit now comes standard with the TVS True Variable Speed 5GPM Brushless Pump.

This allows you to control fuel flow down to 1.5 GPM by using a 0-5v Output in you ECU or other signal generating box.

***If your fuel tank does not have a sump we can help solve that with a bulkhead style setup, please give us a call.***

  • Aeromotive 11196 5GPM True Variable Speed Brushless Pump
  • 100 Micron stainless element pre filter
  • 10 Micron microglass post filter
  • Matched for flow Aeromotive 2 port regulator
  • All Necessary Fragola Fittings
  • All All Necessary Fragola Black Braided Nylon Hose (Ethanol compatible)
  • All Fittings are labeled and packaged by sector of installation for easy installation
  • Hose clamps for securing hose
A little information about the Aeromotive 11196 Fuel Pump!  This pump has proven itself to be a worthy and reliable pump.  Its brushless design creates virtually zero heat from the motor, and can be run for weeks (you read it weeks) of continuous duty (meaning not shutting off) without issue.  This pump has proven itself to be a long term viable street duty fuel pump. 

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Mounting Configuration: External

CARB or EFI Power Adder FUEL Horsepower
EFI Naturally Aspirated Gas 3400
EFI Naturally Aspirated E85 2380
CARB Naturally Aspirated Gas 3600
CARB Naturally Aspirated E85 2520
EFI Forced Induction Gas 2600
EFI Forced Induction E85 1820
CARB Forced Induction Gas 2700
CARB Forced Induction E85 1890


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