Motion Raceworks 2.125 -16 Tooth High Def Driveshaft Speed Wheel 18-01003

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Motion Raceworks High Def Driveshaft Speed Wheel (Strange Ultra Case)
Now available, our very popular Billet High Def Driveshaft Sensor and Reluctor Wheel is now available for Strange Ultra Case applications! Simply choose your wheel size and add a sensor! 
Motion Raceworks Billet High Def Driveshaft Speed Wheel offers amazing quality driveshaft speed data with a high resolution approach to help smooth out your graph and deliver accurate data to your recording device or traction control. This driveshaft wheel and sensor combo can pickup driveshaft speed starting from nearly zero rpm. Don't wait to get critical data until 30, 60, or more feet out. You need to know what your clutch/converter, tires and everything else is doing from the moment you let go of the button or pedal! Our billet steel collar offers 18 pickup points for a hall effect pickup that reduces noise and allows for all of the benefits of a square wave signal. 
The Strange Ultracase sensor in this kit is 5/16-24 thread which requires no modification to your case.  
This piece is TRACK PROVEN and we only suggest purchasing this if you like to crush the competition!
MRW driveshaft wheel can be utilized with nearly any data collection system as well as any EFI system. As long as your system allows for a hall effect pickup you are good to go! This collar comes with ID for all standard pinion yokes produced by nearly all manufacturers. The sizes below reflect the flat surface OD on your pinion which will match the collar ID. 
Utilize this wheel for Racepak, Holley EFI, MS3Pro, Fuel Tech and many more!
Wire Colors:
Red:  +5v, +12v, or +16v Sensor Power
Black:  Sensor Ground
White:  Sensor Signal
The sensor used with THIS wheel has an internal pullup resistor built in.  
Click Here for Installation Instructions
Learn more about our High Def Driveshaft System by watching this video!