Motion Raceworks 4 Port Billet Remote Sensor Block 18-10004

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Motion Raceworks 4 Port Billet Remote Sensor Block 18-10004
Remote Mounting sensors is preferred by many wiring experts for longevity, but also makes redundant sensors easier, and in space constraint situations it also solves problems.  
This Billet 4-port Remote Sensor Block has for separate circuits designed in.  Meaning you can monitor 4 separate things.  Each "circuit" is divided and has 3 1/8" ports including top and both sides, or one input and two outputs.  
These are CNC machined in house from 6061 aluminum and black anodized.  Featuring two 5/16 mounting holes and a back cut rear section.  
The back cut rear section not only removes weight, but also allows you to tuck and route wiring behind the sensor block.
The two hole mounting pattern can be universal, but also aligns with the mounting pattern on all 4 corners of an LS cylinder head.