Motion Raceworks Coyote Ford Adjustable Timing Pointer Bracket 12-110

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Motion Raceworks Coyote Ford Adjustable Timing Pointer Bracket 12-110


Coyote Ford Adjustable Timing Pointer Bracket 12-110

*Please note this may not clear accessories and belts in all configurations, however, can be used and removed prior to using accessories. 

Motion Raceworks Timing Pointers make quick and easy work of adding a timing pointer to your Coyote engine. It is always a good idea to verify timing prior to tuning or starting your engine up on a new build. Machining tolerances and installation errors can make timing checks crucial and very valuable info for a tuner.

We positioned the adjustable timing pointer into an area clear or any accessories and in an optimal spot for setting timing in or out of the car. It also allows for easy installation of your balancer. The timing point itself has a slotted adjustment to precisely dial in your timing.

This timing pointer will work with any of the Coyote engines 2011-2021 and made to be used with the corresponding crank balancer spacing noted in the title. This bracket has multiple patterns to accomodate is any diameter pulley 17% underdrive up to 20% overdrive, reference guide ATI compatibility below. To Keep costs down this is only available in raw finish.

Parts Included:

  • Main Bracket
  • Billet Spacer & Hardware
  • Timing Pointer 

All ATI balancers use same bracketry, but utilize different bolt holes on the bracket. See below

 Inner pattern

  • 917354
  • 917353
  • 918047
  • 918047a
  • 918047N
  • 918047NA
  • 918052

Outer Pattern

  • 918053
  • 918048
  • 918048N