Motion Raceworks Parachute Cable Holder 14-00007

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Motion Raceworks Parachute Cable Holder 14-00007
Motion Raceworks parachute cable holder clamps the parachute cable to the side of the parachute pack.  This is used to make sure the entire cable does not try to move in applications where the cable is not secured in close proximity to the parachute pack itself.  
Using two mounting holes, if you have a Motion Raceworks Parachute Mount you can use the existing two holes in our "x plate" where the pack is mounted you can mount on either side of the pack.  
Can also mount this on non Motion Raceworks Parachute kits by simply drilling two separate holes.  
-Main bracket (anodized black)
-Billet clamp (anodized black)
-All necessary hardware 
(5 5/8ths center to center bolt hole spacing) 
Learn about how the cable holder works in this video and why it is necessary!