Motion Raceworks SFI Quick Release Hub 5/6 Bolt Pattern 15-240

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Motion Raceworks SFI Quick Release Hub 5/6 Bolt Pattern 15-240

Motion Raceworks SFI rated 42.1 quick release is the result of multiple years of development and brain storming. Steering components are your direct link to your machine, and as such they should accommodate your needs and make things easy.

Starting from scratch we were sick of using splines on the coupling mechanism, they tend to gall up and become difficult to clock/orient in the dark or when you are in a hurry. Our unique puzzle piece style design allows for a crisp feel and interlock while making lining up and putting on the car easy and stress free. 

In addition to the locking mechanism, our weld on shaft piece has two unique features that make it a fabricators dream and steering feel is optimized in the process. 3/4" OD shaft fit means you slip this collar over the 3/4" inner shaft and weld which means no more turning down shaft to accommodate tubing wall thickness differences. The built in washer when utilized with the Motion nylon bushing means effortless, smooth steering without the potential for warped retainer washers or other retainment mechanisms. 

Finally we don't think you should have to choose between 5 or 6 bolt style steering wheels when buying a quick release. Our quick release hub has both bolt patterns built in which means choosing a steering wheel is based solely on your preference, not the bolt pattern you have available.


  • Unique, easy to use interlocking coupling piece
  • SFI certified
  • 3/4" OD weld design makes welding easier, stronger, and cleaner
  • Built in 5 and 6 bolt steering wheel pattern


  • SFI 42.1 Certified Quick Release Hub
  • Weld on Shaft
  • Hardware
  • Motion Horn Delete Button

For more info on this quick release watch the video below