MR Electric Battery Disconnect Switch (750A) INSTALLER SERIES KIT (MR-9901-023)

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MR Electric Battery Disconnect Switch (750A)


It’s time to drop the bulky old mechanical-switch for good! The three biggest complaints we receive when discussing mechanical battery disconnects are:

1.) The units are primitive and bulky

2.) Fabrication is normally needed

3.) There are no simple and clean options to allow a driver-controlled unit

We at Modern Racing have successfully resolved these issues with our electronic battery disconnect. Our disconnect eliminates the need for a mechanical rod, giving you a much smaller overall footprint than mechanical units. It also requires no fabrication in basic applications, needing just a flat surface for mounting. Our system can be triggered with a simple flip or bump of a switch and allows customers to mount multiple switches where they see fit. With this, you now have a way to add an extra layer of safety easily within the grasp of both the driver and crew members.

Designed to work in the harsh environment of motorsports, Modern Racing has rigorously tested this unit in many different race car applications including electrically-hungry blower ProMods (Which see an average of 400A surge at start-up). This unit is rated at a stout 750A at 10 seconds (With 900A surge and 250A continuous), enough to handle most anything you can throw at it. Throw your mechanical cut-off in the trash, because once you set-up one of Modern Racing’s disconnects, you’ll never go back!

This battery disconnect switches are sold individually, as well as in a MR Installer Series Kit. The MR Installer Series Kit provides you with nearly everything you need for a clean and easy battery disconnect install! Our goal with the kit was to provide a system that was as close to plug-and-play as possible, while still allowing for a completely custom design. Combine this with one of our MR Builder Series Pro Battery Cable Kits and you'll have everything you need to set-up your wiring from the battery to your ignition.



-Body Style: Universal



-Lighter and smaller overall footprint than your standard mechanical cut-off switch assembly

-Universal application

-Nearly limitless options for switch mounting

-Allows multiple switch mounting

-750A rating at 10 seconds (900A surge and 250A continuous rating)



-(1x) MR Electric battery disconnect (750A)

-(1x) Mounting hardware kit

-(1x) Install and tip card



-(1x) Pre-terminated MR Electric battery disconnect (750A)

-(1x) Pre-terminated 40' black 18AWG lead

-(1x) Push-button master switch

-(1x) Single pole ON-OFF switch

-(1x) 6" stick soft glueline (Red)

-(1x) 1' stick hard glueline (Black)

-(2x) Lug isolators (Red)

-(1x) Ring terminal kit

-(1x) Mounting hardware kit

-(1x) Install and tip card