MR Installer Series LED Auxiliary Light Kit Full led light kit part no MR-9901-018

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MR Installer Series LED Auxiliary Light Kit Full Led light kit

Part No MR-9901-18


At the end of the day, you can never have enough light when working on your race car. Used exclusively by the Modern Racing Wiring Solutions team, this LED auxiliary light kit offers more than enough light to enhance your visibility in the cab, under the hood, or even under the rear of your car. This kit comes with pre-assembled 24" LED strips that have been lined with DR-25 for extra chemical and abrasion resistance, then terminated with a Molex connector for quick and easy fitment. The LED strips can be trimmed to fit your specific application, making the kit a truly universal package. This kit also comes with all of the necessary mating connectors and heat shrink needed to complete your install. Finishing the kit is a three way (on-off-on) toggle switch, which allows you to run multiple lights to multiple locations, all while being powered by one switch.

If you're looking for a way to make your night races easier and more enjoyable, this is definitely a place to start!


Kit Contents:

3x - DR-25 lined, pre-terminated 24" LED light strips

3x - Molex 2s connectors

6x - Molex sockets

3x - Heat shrink tubes

1x - On-Off-On toggle switch