MSD Wiring Harness LS2, LS7 OEM EFI Distributorless Ignition 6012 GM Set

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MSD6LS Series Ignition Wiring Harnesses High Performance Note Wiring Harness, LS2, LS7 OEM EFI, Distributor-less Ignition 6012, GM, Set
MSD 6LS Ignition harness allow you to easily connect the 6LS-2 to a factory EFI system to take advantage of timing adjustments and settings. MSD's 6LS extension harness allows you to reach the front-mounted cam sensor on an early (24-tooth trigger wheel) LS2 when installing a 6LS Ignition Controller. The 6LS-2 Controller allows you to map a timing advance curve with MSD's easy-to-use Pro-Data+ software.
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Part Number: 88862