OS Giken Adjustable Cam Gear Fits Nissan RB20 / RB25 / RB26 (Intake / Exhaust)OSCAMGEAR-RB

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PAIR OF NEW OS Giken Adjustable Cam Gears Fits Nissan RB20 / RB25 / RB26 (Intake / Exhaust)




OS Giken adjustable cam pulley to suit Nissan RB20/RB25/RB26 twin-cam engines.
Lightweight aluminium manufactured using high-quality billet aluminium precisely machined to ensure an exact fit. Pulley section specially coated for supreme durability with four-bolt adjustments for quick setting with laser-etched timing marks provided.

- Sold Individually 

- Intake Side Or Exhaust Side

- VCT Equipped Engines Only 1 Gear Required.

Engine Compatibility:

- Nissan RB20DE/T
- Nissan RB25DE/T (VCT Engines Exhaust Side Only)
- Nissan RB26DETT