PREORDER: DART 2JZ Iron Eagle Cast Cylinder Block

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DART 2JZ Iron Eagle Cast Cylinder Block JAN-TO-APRIL 2024 ARRIVAL


DART 2JZ Iron Eagle -- Manufacturer Description

Few engines have left as profound of an impact on the world of performance as the 2JZ platform, and Dart has identified a significant void in the legendary inline-six performance platform's needs. Introducing a completely new and improved design over OEM blocks that promises to take the most popular sport compact platform in the world to the next level!

Scheduled for release January 2024, our 2JZ Iron blocks come equipped with significantly improved features such as Siamese cylinder bores, a robust four-bolt steel main cap configuration, and an increased deck thickness -- all meticulously engineered to ensure success during high-performance operation. With a comprehensive overhaul of the crank structure and re-imagined coolant passages, there has never been a stronger 2J block available.


Designed from a clean slate approach, the Iron Eagle block has addressed the shortcomings of the Toyota 2JZ platform and is the ideal candidate for hot rodders, drag racers, time attack competitors, drifters and high performance street enthusiasts.

Based off the ever so popular OEM Toyota 2JZ engine platform, Dart has taken a proven engine block, and made it even better. Revising the main caps from the 2 bolt cap design, to a 4 bolt cap design on 1-6 caps. Dart has increased the crankcase strength, providing a block that will work in 2000HP+ applications. We did not stop there, we revised and increased the cylinder wall, block deck, and outer case wall thicknesses, to help eliminate any failures under high boost applications.


  • Siamese cylinder bores with extra thick walls -- 88mm max bore size
  • Billet steel 4 bolt main caps 1-6, 12mm/10mm main studs standard
  • Extra thick outer block case, for increased strength under high HP levels
  • Extra thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal -- .750" additional deck thickness
  • Scalloped water jackets increase flow around cylinders for better cooling
  • Machined for screw-in style freeze plugs
  • Revised oil passage location, for better flow and clearance with 94mm stroke
  • Machined for piston oilers
  • Can be machined for clearance for 94mm stroke w/ aluminum rods
  • All OE bolt holes for starter, water pump, etc
  • Blind head bolt holes available in 11mm standard or 1/2" upgrade
  • Parts kit included


  • Material: 220 BHN Cast Iron
  • Deck Heights: 8.625"
  • Mains: 2.5992"
  • Cylinder Bores: 86mm (88mm Max)
  • Main Bearings: Stock
  • Main Caps: Billet Steel 4-bolt 1-6
  • Freeze Plugs: Screw-In
  • Rear Seal: Stock


We will contact you to arrange freight shipping once blocks arrive from Dart in January. Commercial addresses will have best shipping rates.

We can offer you a full rotating assembly separately or installed and ready to run. Contact us directly for a package price with your choice of crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, bearings and studs. We can also supply a full cylinder head package and anything else you might need to make the engine as close to drop-in ready as possible.