Reid SH400 DRAG CASE - Item# SH400 DRAG

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Item# SH400 DRAG 

Product Description:

Redesigned and strengthened, our Super Hydra 400® transmission cases address weaknesses and add features that improve every aspect of the Turbo 400. We build our Super Hydra 400® cases with full 360 degree internal case “lugs” that retain the center support and pressure plate. Not only are they lightweight and offer minimal drag, but their abuse tolerance has been kicked up several notches to handle high-horsepower levels without ending up with a ruined transmission.

Super Hydra 400®’s are massively tough, ductile, and leak-free with the strength to handle drag racing and rock crawling as well as desert or short-course truck racing. Their modular, two-piece design allows them to be used with all popular engines by simply changing bolt-on Superglide bellhousings. Our Super Hydra 400® transmission cases are offered in drag/street and off-road versions, each with features geared specifically for those applications and are SFI 4.1 certified*.


  • Speedometer and governor provisions

  • Improved billet steel pressure plate

  • Oversized snap ring

  • Longer band anchor pins captured by oversize bosses

  • Additional dipstick hole on driver side

  • Multiple external pressure taps allow for monitoring of circuit pressures

  • Accept all style oil pumps, including 8-bolt and vari-pitch designs

  • Heli-coiled bellhousing and oil pump threads

  • Pre-machined to fit larger custom planetary gear carriers

Off-road also includes:

  • Pre-machined side oil feed feature for 4L80-E center support

  • Front band anchor tapped for custom ARP anchor bolt (supplied)

  • Pre-machined bosses for input and output speed sensors

  • Un-machined speedometer boss for maximized 4×4 transfer case load support

  • Oil line ports machined for -AN fittings

  • Pre-machined with additional stud/nut clearance for Advance Adapters transfer case adapters.

  • Available with a 4L80-E size pressure plate

SH400 OFF/DRAG PDF Instruction Sheet