Sonnax Powerglide 10-Clutch Piston Part No. 28765-05

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10-Clutch Piston
Part No. 28765-05


Sonnax 10-clutch piston 28765-05 is optimized for Powerglide performance applications and machined specifically for use with Sonnax 10-clutch drums 28756-01 and 28756-08. These drums feature a piston bore that is .060" deeper for greater piston travel than was available from 10-clutch drums 28755-01 and 28755-08 (discontinued).

Using the patented Sonnax 10-clutch drum system, the piston accepts 10 frictions and 10 steels, increasing lockup surface to allow significantly more torque than modified OE drums.

  • Piston holds 10 .060" frictions and 10 .060" thick steels
  • 6061 Forged aluminum piston will not crack at high operating pressure like cast pistons