Wilson 90 Degree Nitrous V-Force Nozzle 308001

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wilson part no 308001
The design of the Nitrous Pro Flow Patent Pending V-Force Nozzle provides the most gradual and natural introduction of nitrous and fuel into the intake tract. Utilizing an oval pattern, the V-Force nozzle completely fills the port rather than a disruptive fan or wedge pattern that may cause excessive fuel wash. This 90 degree Nozzle is CNC machined from 303 stainless to exacting tolerances. No more sifting through nozzles to find a matching set that are machined properly. These nozzles are built to the same quality you've come to expect from Wilson Manifolds and Nitrous Pro Flow. With stainless entry fittings instead of zinc-plated steel, there is no corrosion factor to worry about. The 1/16" NPT thread will make replacement of the former industry standard easy.