X-Series Plug and Play Wiring Harness - Stage 2 12-11000-S2

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X-Series Plug and Play Wiring Harness - Stage 2  
PART NO12-11000-S2

  • System, Purge, Heater & WOT Switch Harness
  • Harness Routing Instructions
  • Detailed Colored Wiring Diagram
  • WOT Switch Activation
  • Custom Switch Panel
  • Pre-terminated Deutsch Connectors
  • High Quality Molex Terminals
  • Inline 70-Amp Fuse
  • Bueler 40/60-Amp Relays
  • Protective Expandable Wiring Loom
  • Individual Labeled Wiring Leads
  • Automotive Copper Core Wire With Protective Silicone Coating
  • Description

    Cut your installation time in half with the X-Series stage 2 plug and play harness!

    The X-series stage 2 Harness was designed to provide a quick and easy wiring option for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. This harness is user friendly, and can be used by beginners and pros alike. The end result is a professional prebuilt harness that will simplify system installation saving you time and money.
    This basic harness provides everything needed to wire in a X-series nitrous system, purge kit, bottle heater and WOT Switch.